MPOS1CP12 Positioner (Automatic welding Type)


 Catalogue              Instruction

1.)Max Load : 200Kgs

2.)Table Speed : 0.6 - 6.0RPM

3.)Table Diameter : 340mm

4.)Spindle thru hole : 58mm

5.)The table tilt adopts manual worm gear drive and screw locking.

6.)Have wired remote controller.

7.)Can change the table speed according to the demand. 

8.)Can connect two welding power source.

9.)Overlap timer adjusts : 0 - 99.9sec

10.)Start / Crater arc timer : 0 - 99.9sec

11.)Operate two the air electromagnetic valve. 

12.)Can remember 99 groups of welding procedure data

13.)Can operable the welder 2cycle / 4cycle start, overlap and timer welding operations.

14.)Can tilt the table after the work piece is fixed first. When table tilt,W(kgs) * H/2(cm.) = 1,400(

15.)When table and ground are vertical,W(kgs) * L/2(cm.) = 65(

16.)Control the function 


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