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The process of custom project

  In general, the whole process can be separated into three phases:

Phase 1: Evaluation / Quotation

  When client contact us for a quotation, we will ask them to provide some welding data (such as workpiece data, welding type, etc.) and requirements (such as required time, welding quality, etc.). Based on these data provided by client, we will choose a proper solution and evaluate the price, then quote to client along with the design sketch.

Phase 2: Manufacture / Acceptance

  When client decides to make contract with us and pay the deposit, we will start detailed design and discuss with client. After client confirms the design, we will start manufacturing and assembling it. When machine is done assembling, we will test the machine and video/photo it. These video/photo will be sent to client so client can check if everything is OK.
  After client confirms the acceptance, we will start preparing for shipment. When we receive the payment, we will ship the machine to client.

Phase 3: Warranty / Repair

  After the machine is delivered to client and works properly, this project will be marked as completed.
  If machine is broken, client can ask us for help, no matter if it is still in warranty. We will give client some suggestions (such as quote the price of spare, give the specification of broken part, etc.).

The Flow Chart of Project Procedure

(You can click the image to zoom in, or "click here" to download PDF file.)

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