AW3H-R30 Series Torch Rotation Welding Arm


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1.)This series has two types : Torch uniaxial rotation and 2D curve imitating rotation.

2.)Arm rotates the radius : 3,000mm.

3.)Torch rotation speed : 1.2 - 12.0RPM

4.)It can be installed on 250*250mm.H-shaped steel and moved up and down with a 3ton crane.

5.)Torch rotation radius : 10 - 75mm.

6.)Clamp center strok : 120mm.

7.)Overlap timer adjusts : 0 - 99.9sec

8.)Start / Crater arc timer : 0 - 99.9sec

9.)Propose cooperating with welder 2 cycle / 4cycle start and welding manually. 

10.)Control the function 


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