VPW-500PT Vertical Welding Machine


 Catalogue              Instruction

1.)Max Load : 150Kgs.

2.)Table Speed : 0.6 - 6.0RPM.

3.)Table Diameter : 340mm.

4.)Spindle thru hole : 58mm.

5.)Clamp center strok : 125mm.

6.)Workpiece length : 0-500mm.

7.)After the tilt angle of table is locked, can grip the work piece.

8.)Can connect two welding power source.

9.)Overlap timer adjusts : 0 - 99.9sec.

10.)Start / Crater arc timer : 0 - 99.9sec.

11.)Air cylinder operate the position of the welding torch.

12.)Propose cooperating with welder 2 cycle / 4cycle start and welding manually. 

13.)When table and ground are vertical,W(kgs) * L/2(cm.) = 65(kgs.cm)

14.)Control the function 

15.)Attention :The design of the jig,it needs cooperating with strok of the clamp center,so as to ensure that clamp and relaxes the work piece rapidly.


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