HS2W-L35T2 Lathe welding machinery


 Catalogue              Instruction

1.)Max Load : 300Kgs

2.)Table Speed : 0.6 - 6.0RPM

3.)Table Diameter : 360mm

4.)Spindle thru hole : 30mm

5.)Tail stock clamp strok : 200mm

6.)The concentricity tolerance of the machine is +/- 0.3mm

7.)This machine is suitable for precise positioning and welding of workpieces on both sides, can be based on mechanical precision without additional pre-welding parts.

8.)Mechanical use of ball key shaft, it can synchronously drive the rotation and positioning of the left and right table.

9.)Can connect two welding power source.

10.)Overlap timer adjusts : 0 - 99.9sec

11.)Start / Crater arc timer : 0 - 99.9sec

12.)Air cylinder operate the position of the welding torch.

13.)Propose cooperating with welder 2 cycle / 4cycle start and welding manually. 

14.)When table and ground are vertical, W(kgs) * L/2(cm.) =  140(kgs.cm)

15.)Control the function 

16.)Attention :The design of the jig, it needs cooperating with strok of the clamp center,so as to ensure that clamp and relaxes the work piece rapidly.


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