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VOL-D25L30 Lifting Seamer


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1.)Torch Mobile is the use of a rack with a DC motor.

2.)Platen using a pressure hose with a special aluminum seat,so that the workpiece can really pressing.

3.)Rail is made of a copper alloy,and having a back blow hole and water circulation passage.

4.)Each piece platen width is 100mm,and material is copper alloy.

5.)Torch travel speed : 180 - 1,800mm/min,and have digital display.

6.)Beam axle locks device is locked to rotate pneumaticvoperation by a side,protect operator's security.

7.)Operating platform adopts twin screw and electric operation.

8.)The Carrier Car is equipped with a set of rollers,which can electrically adjust the welding position of the workpiece.

9.)The rollers on the Carrier Car,which can be adjusted height electrically.

10.)Propose cooperating with welder 2 cycle / 4cycle start and welding manually. 

11.)Can holding the MIG/MAG, TIG and Plasma welding torch.

12.)Workpiece max size(Unit:mm)

Tube straight seam welding:

Plate straight seam welding:


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